The exceptional features of Exotica blinds are derived from novel approaches towards technology, aesthetical design and extreme comfort. These are best balcony blinds for open privacy for couples and families. Check out our amazing features!

Absolute sun protection -

No entry for Heat, Glare or UV Rays.

Effective prevention

Provides ultimate protection from rain, dust, smoke, smog, insects and birds.

Benefits -

You get fresh airflow and partial visibility!

Added Benefits -

  • Savings on electricity bill
  • Open privacy
  • Suited for all weathers,
  • Extended room space
  • Matching exteriors
  • Long-lasting durability

Operational add ons

No installation required! Its portable, adjustable and withstands average wind-speed.

Characteristic Features -

Color staying power, fire retardant, washable, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Our tailor-made solutions for exteriors as well as interiors come in aesthetically pleasing 78 shades. Giving high scope of design elements, they can transform your dull rooms or outdoors by their splash of colours with attractive contrasts. Now, enjoy the freshness and beauty of the outdoors without the worry of privacy and prying eyes! Get Balcony Blinds for open privacy Now.

What’s more?! Have a great save on your electricity bill with our all-weather friendly blinds, as cooling becomes more effective in summers and the heat does not easily dissipate & escape during winters, making your room warm and cosy. Our blinds provide amazing thermal insulation, effective air circulation and absolute protection from dust, pollution and even rain, While open spaces bring about a breath of fresh air and spectacular views they also tend to bring nuisance in the form of pest, insects and birds. Blinds prevent their entry and also keep your outdoors safe and clean.

balcony blinds for open privacy


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